Father Robert Galea Book and CDs

Contemporary Australian worship music by well-known 'Singing Priest' Father Robert Galea.

Breakthrough - Fr. Robert Galea

‘Before I was on The X Factor Australia, before I performed for a pope … I was an alienated, messed-up teenager.’

The story of Fr Rob Galea is a journey from desperation to hope. Struggling under the weight of addiction and depression, Fr Rob was considering ending his life when redemption came through a phone call. Knowing that he needed help, Fr Rob fought his demons to forge a relationship with Jesus Christ and has never looked back.

Breakthrough asks you to find your way through adversity to the better life that awaits you. It’s a powerful story about recovery, redemption and faith, and is told by one of the most charismatic priests of our time.

“Who could to fail to be moved by this book? No matter what age you are, this book holds a promise ... Fr Rob is truly a man of God.”

Sister Hilda Scott, OSB Benedictine Abbey, Jamberoo, NSW

Ref : BK-BT



Track listing: Deeper; Closer; Make Me Holy; Nothing Less; Only By Grace; You Are Holy; More Of You; Here’s My Life; All I Need; I Will Trust.



Reach Out

Track listing: Lift Me Up: Reach Out; Fragile Heart; Letting Go; Never Let Go; Song of Love; Carry Me; Stronger; More Than Me; I Love You; You Are; Send Us Out.



Something About You

Track Listing: Alive; No Greater Love; Higher Than The Clouds; Glorious; Soldier; Angel; Bring Us To Our Knees; Something About You; Draw Me; Love That Never Fails; We Exalt.



What a Day

Track listing: To The Ends Of The Earth; Open Your Heart; Hold Onto Me; Here I Am; Fill Us Up; I’ll Bow Down; What Do You Say; What A Day; Glory To You; Foot Of The Cross; Mulej F’Idejk/Nelle Tue Mani; (Maltese/Italian) Faithful; I Surrender to You.



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