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Understanding Divine Mercy

Finally, the entire Divine Mercy message and devotion is summarized in one, easy-to-read book! Explaining the teaching of Jesus Christ as given to St. Faustina, Understanding Divine Mercy by Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, has it all. Written in his highly conversational and energetic style, this first book in his Explaining the Faith series will deepen your love for God and help you understand why Jesus Called Divine Mercy "mankind's last hope of salvation."

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Ref : BK-EDM


Fatima DVD (2020)

'Beautiful, moving and nuanced' - Sheila O'Malley,

Academy-award nominee Harvey Keitel (The Irishman) stars in this uplifting testament to the power of faith. Based on real-life events, Fatima is one of the most beautiful and cinematic stories of faith ever realised.

In 1917 Portugal, in a time of global war, three children are visited by the Virgin Mary. But their tale of this miracle is only met with cynicism. A secular government and a self-interested Church urge the children to take back their claims. In the face of mounting pressure, even their parents turn on them. But the children's account is unshakeable, and soon their story travels across the world. The faithful travel far and wide to pay their respects. What follows will draw the attention of the entire world, and bring the forces of faith and cynicism into stark conflict.

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I am a Catholic 1 (Plastic Wallet-Sized Card)

Made from durable plastic and thick as a credit card, these are perfect to keep in your wallet. They will last a very long time. On the front are the words 'I AM A CATHOLIC. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT, PLEASE CALL A PRIEST' in large, clear print, and on the back, an image of the Divine Mercy.



I am a Catholic 2 (Plastic Wallet-Sized Card)

Made from durable plastic and thick as a credit card, these are perfect to keep in your wallet. They will last a very long time. On the front are the words 'I AM A CATHOLIC. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT, PLEASE CALL A PRIEST' in large, clear print, and on the back, an image of the Holy Face of Jesus by Scottish artist Tommy Canning.

Ref : PPC-IAC2


Prison Journal Volume 1: Cardinal George Pell


That final verdict came after Cardinal George Pell endured a grueling five years of accusations, trials, conviction, humiliation, character assassination, and finally more than a year of imprisonment after being convicted by an Australian court of a crime he didn't commit.

Led off to jail in handcuffs, following his sentencing on March 13, 2019, the 78-year old Australian prelate began what was to be six years in jail for "historical sexual assault offences." Cardinal Pell endured more than thirteen months in prison, eight of those in solitary confinement, before the High Court voted 7-0 to overturn his original convictions. His victory over an extreme travesty of justice was not just personal, but one for the entire Catholic Church.

Bearing no ill will toward his accuser, judges, prison workers, journalists, and those harbouring and expressing hate for him, the Cardinal used his time in prison as a kind of "extended retreat". He eloquently filled notebook pages with his spiritual insights, prison experiences, and personal reflections on current events both inside and outside the Church, as well as moving prayers.

"These prison diaries should never have been written. That they were written is a testament to the capacity of God's grace to inspire insight, magnanimity, and goodness amidst wickedness, evil, and injustice. That they were written so beautifully bears witness to the Christian character that divine grace formed in their author, Cardinal George Pell." — George Weigel, from the Introduction



Prison Journal Volume 2: Cardinal George Pell

In this second of three volumes, Cardinal Pell receives the terrible news that his first appeal is rejected. With the same grace, wisdom and calm perseverance we see on display in volume 1, he continues his quest for justice by appealing to the Australian High Court. Glimmers of hope emerge as more legal experts, including non-Catholics, join the chorus of those demanding that this miscarriage of justice be reversed.



The Golden Arrow

Why the Holy Face Devotion?

In these times of sensuality and hatred against God and the Church... evil spreads... a divine Remedy is required; and that Remedy is the Holy Face of Jesus.' - Our Lady to Blessed M. Pierina De Micheli.

A collection of beautiful and powerful prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus, including a Litany and Chaplet, and prayers for specific graces and intentions.

Ref : BKL-GA


The Persecution of George Pell

This book is the story of how the highest levels of the police, judiciary and politics in Australia, plus victim lobby groups, compensation lawyers, and journalists for major news media, found common cause to persecute, convict and jail an innocent man.

They had been persuaded by fanciful accusations that, twenty years earlier, George Cardinal Pell of the Catholic Church had sexually abused two 13-year-old choirboys in the priests’ sacristy of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, on a Sunday morning after Mass.

The campaign against Pell aimed not only to personally destroy one of Australia’s most influential religious leaders, but to trash the reputation of his Church as well. To get their man, lawyers, judges and a Royal Commission had to reverse long-standing legal principles including the presumption of innocence, guilt beyond reasonable doubt, and the onus of proof being on the prosecution. They insisted that a claim of child sexual abuse must always be believed. Had it succeeded, the campaign would have set damaging precedents for the rule of law in Australia. Pell spent 400 days in prison before a unanimous judgment of the High Court acquitted him, and set him free.

The persecution of George Pell is a story not only of a serious injustice heaped on one individual but also of the damage that can be done to a civilised society by ideologues within our major institutions when they are convinced of their own virtue and determined to get their own way.

Ref : BK-PGP


Year of Saint Joseph Plastic Prayer Card

Made from durable plastic and thick as a credit card, this prayer card (with a beautiful image of the Holy Family on the front and a traditional prayer to St. Joseph on the back) is perfect for a wallet or purse and will last a long time!



Year of Saint Joseph Prayer Card

Slightly smaller than a postcard, this card for the Year of Saint Joseph has a beautiful image of the Holy Family by Scottish artist Tommy Canning on the front, and a traditional prayer to Saint Joseph on the back.

Ref : PC-YSJ1


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